COVID-19 UPDATE - 05-05-2020

We are pleased to announce that we are beginning to start a "BY APPOINTMENT ONLY" service for customers, we ask that customers call or email ahead and we will confirm time slot availability. Regular hours are still not in full effect pleased so make sure to book a time to avoid disappointment.
Rolls Royce Phantom Case

Specialist Machine Cleaning

  • Dry Blasting -

    Bead, Grit & Shot for tougher jobs

  • Vapour Blasting -

    For gentle refurbishment

  • Ultrasonic Washing -

    Carburettor Cleaning inside and out

  • Affiliate Services -

    Powder Coating, Plating, Acid Etch Priming &Repair Services

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Car and Motorbike Part cleaning

Car & Motorcycle Parts

Our specialty! We clean automotive parts old and new. After cleaning we also offer Vapour Blasting, Powder Coating, Plating, Wet Painting, Acid Etch Priming and Repair Services (all of which can be done or arranged by us). We clean both vintage and new parts

We make sure to protect any areas of your part that should not have it's dimensions or texture altered i.e bearing and gasket faces, oilways and threads.

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Ultrasonic Carburettor Cleaning


We combine Ultrasonic Washing with Chemical Cleaning to clear the inside of your Car, Motorcycle or Marine Carbs & Jets of any blockages.

At your request we can also perform gentle bead blasting and/or vapour blasting to improve the look of your Carbs.

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Indoor and Outdoor Furniture Blasting and Paint Removal


We can refurbish most types of furniture and wooden items, using a gentler bead to clean small wooden pieces and give them an even finish.

We can also utilise our custom made blast room (approx: 2.4 x 1.7 x 2.3meters ) for tougher jobs like paint and rust removal from iron or steel pieces.

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Miscellaneous Parts and Antiques Shot and Vapour Blasted

Antiques & More!

Almost any item can be cleaned by us, and will be done to your instructions, avoiding or focusing on any areas you specify. A certain level of patina can be retained subject to individual constraints of each job.

We clean almost any metal, wood, plastic or glass, so feel free to give us a ring or send us an e-mail to get a free quote from us!

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