“Shot Blast Heaven!”

That’s what one of our customers exclaimed when he saw the perfect result on his treasured but fragile vintage Riley car parts. He had come to us because of our slogan “We clean parts, gently!”

Shot-Blasting usually is a heavy industrial process that flings smooth steel shot at about the speed of sound at solid steel items to knock-off mill scale. This is a very aggressive process that is only suitable for heavy engineering; nevertheless, the term Shot-Blasting is still generally used to describe similar, but more gentle, techniques.

Most so-called shot blasting actually uses iron grit, a hard long lasting abrasive which comes in particle sizes similar to very fine sand up to grit. This is propelled in a jet of high volume compressed air. The size grit we use is G07, particle size about 0.2 to 0.4mm (8 to 16 thou). This has the benefit that it cleans very effectively, changing the surface profile to slightly matt, not roughened as with heavier grades. This has many advantages including not blowing large holes in badly rusted sheet metal, maintaining fine detail in decorative pieces, less paint required (if re-painting) with much less risk of distortion of delicate items.

Most industrial finishers use G12 iron grit, or heavier, with high risk of spoiling delicate items. We therefore recommend that you bring such items to us! It should be noted that we have 7 further gentler blast processes that can be used where even G07 is too ‘strong’.

These range from low-pressure dry blasting with smooth glass beads as small as 25 to 50 microns (1 to 2 thou) to as large as 300 to 400 microns (12 to 16thou), similar glass grit sizes, and similar aluminium oxide sizes, each suited to different tasks. We also offer Vapour Bead Blasting which you will see more of on other tabs of this web site.

Typical jobs include Steel, Iron, Brass, Aluminium items cleaned of corrosion and old paint. Such as:

  • Iron and Steel Radiators
  • Iron Fire Places
  • Metal Garden Furniture
  • Metal Garden Gates
  • Architectural Ironmongery
  • Most Car, Motorcycle and Cycle Parts
  • Ornamental Ironwork
  • Iron Planters and Urns
  • Catering Equipment and Extractor Fan Units
  • Wooden Planks and Doors to expose the grain
  • Etching Glass
  • Stage Props
  • Sculptural and Artworks
  • Model Trains
  • Diving Reclamation – Portholes etc
  • Aeroplane Parts
  • Office Furniture and Filing Cabinets
  • Nuclear Reactor Parts

All blasting is done in a blast room or blast cabinets on our premises. There are size and weight limitations depending on the job.Off site-work is not possible as our equipment is not mobile.

VIRTUALLY ALL METAL CLEANING & METAL POLISHING UNDERTAKEN . Also all types of plating, paint and powder coating through associates.