Extra Services

“I Cleenz Macheenz!” reputation for Vapour Bead Blasting and Ultrasonic Cleaning is of the highest order. But there are other services offered too, sometimes with associates, where standards are equally high.

We ensure work is carried out to specification and route the work in a logical order based on experience.

Typical jobs include: making 1-off parts, cracked casting welding and machining; broken fin repairs which blend-in superbly; broken stud removal (even with sheared easy-outs jammed-in); thread repairs of any diameter and pitch; cylinder head overhaul (including precision valve-guide manufacture, installation, valve seat trimming, face skimming); sheet metal repairs to tanks, rusted panels or even refabrication; radiator testing and repairs including resizing and uprating, even manufacture of 1-off specials.

Customers are often referred to us by other blasters when they know the gentle touch of bead, grit or light shot is needed for items such as rust perforated panels, antiques, etc.

We offer Cylinder-Head Renovation Service via our associates BLR Engineering http://blrengineering.co.uk/ and Bensham Engineering

We offer Engineering Repairs via our associates BLR Engineering

We offer Welding, Sheet Metal Repairs, via our associates Andy  and Barons Speed Shop http://www.baronspeedshop.com/

We offer Tank and Radiator Repairs via our associates Express Radiators.

We offer Powder Coating,  Gold, Chrome and Zinc Plating via various associates.


Parts often need cleaning before and /or after so the ‘one stop shopping’ can save you travelling.