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At I Cleenz Macheenz we specialise in cleaning old car and motor cycles parts and most metals. We also clean wood, glass, plastics and other miscellaneous items.


We specialise in Degreasing, Decorrosion,  Decarbonising, Cleaning and Burnishing by:

  • Pressure Washing – for simple decontamination
  • Vapour Bead Blasting – for gentle refurbishment
  • Dry Blasting – bead, grit, shot for tougher jobs
  • Ultrasonic Washing – including CARBURETTOR CLEANING, inside and outside

All parts A to Z! – rendered beautifully clean, ready for inspection and assembly, or painting.
Even the tough jobs we do gently! We undertake jobs that defeat many others, all to the highest standards.


We have well established partnerships with various specialist firms allowing us to offer welding, polishing, metal plating, spray painting and powder coating, cylinder head and other engineering services. All of whom we provide our services to.

Contact us to discuss any jobs.

George, Chris and Matt

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"I was going to email anyway to thank you very much for the great work you've done on my 1/5th scale locomotive. I don't believe a number of the parts have ever been so clean even when first built." Spring 2013 Tim - locomotive enthusiast.